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29 June 2017

Bruce McClintock SC was appointed Inspector of ICAC effective from 1 July 2017

24 November 2016

John Nicholson SC was appointed Acting Inspector effective from today to 31 January 2017, pending the appointment of a new Inspector. Mr Nicholson was appointed Assistant Inspector of ICAC on 17 February 2016 and resigned from his Office on 23 November to accept his new appointment as Acting Inspector of both ICAC and PIC.

1 November 2016

On 20 October, by Instrument in writing, the Inspector, the Hon David Levine AO RFD QC, informed his Excellency the Governor of NSW, and thereafter the Hon the Premier of NSW and each of the Commissions, that he will be retiring as Inspector of ICAC and PIC on 23 November 2016 on medical advice.

28 October 2016

The Inspector tabled his Annual Report for the year ending 30 June 2016.

12 May 2016.

The Inspector delivered his Report to the Premier today and it is hereby published.

30 March 2016

The Inspector’s Submissions in Response to the evidence of the ICAC Commissioner before the Parliamentary Inquiry into Operation Hale were provided to the Parliamentary Joint Committee and are hereby published.

14 March 2016

The Inspector appeared before the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Review of the Report of the Inspector regarding Operation Hale.  A full transcript of the Inspector’s evidence is attached

17 February 2016

His Excellency, the Lieutenant-Governor, as the Governor’s deputy, with the advice of the Executive Council, has appointed an Assistant Inspector of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Mr John Nicholson SC will assist the current Inspector of the ICAC, the Hon David Levine AO RFD QC. The Inspector has concurred in the appointment.

Mr Nicholson has extensive legal and judicial experience.

In 1977, Mr Nicholson was called to the Bar. He became a Public Defender in 1984, Senior Counsel in 1994, and Senior Public Defender in 1999.

Mr Nicholson was appointed a judge of the District Court of NSW in 2001, retired from that position in 2012 and returned to the bar in 2013, going to Sir Owen Dixon Chambers in 2014.

12 February 2016

The Inspector now publishes the entire second joint opinion dated 22 October 2015 received by him relevant to his Report into Operation Hale.

11 February 2016

In the context of the opening of the ICAC Committee hearing into Operation Hale, the Inspector now publishes the 2 legal opinions received by him relevant to his Report into Operation Hale and as provided to the Chair of the Committee and to ICAC.

4 December 2015

The Inspector’s Section 77A Report in Operation “Hale”- ICAC re Margaret Cunneen SC & Ors was tabled in Parliament (see reports).

30 October 2015

The Inspector tabled his Annual Report in Parliament.

7 August 2015

Inspector and Commissioner of ICAC appear before Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Independent Commission against Corruption. Evidence of the Inspector and the Commissioner of ICAC can be accessed here.

30 July 2015

Independent Panel – Review of the Jurisdiction of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Report published.

18 June 2015

Inspector’s section 77A Report tabled in Parliament as part of Gleeson/McClintock panel review.

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