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You can use the following on-line complaint form to lodge your complaint.

Make a complaint »

Alternatively, you can send a letter, email or fax detailing the complaint.

So that the Inspector can properly understand your complaint please give as much information as you can in answering the following questions :

  1. What is your complaint against the Independent Commission Against Corruption (the ICAC) and/ or its officers?
  2. When did the issues you complain of occur (Date/Year)?
  3. What are the names of and positions held by the officers of the ICAC against whom you are complaining?
  4. Is there a file number concerning any complaint that you made to the ICAC?
  5. What are the names and contact details of any witnesses who can give evidence to support your complaint?
  6. Are there documents or video which supports your complaint and if so, can you send them or copies of them to the Inspector to examine?
  7. Are you employed in the NSW public sector or any NSW local council?
  8. Do you wish to keep your identity confidential from the ICAC or any other persons (and if so from whom) and why?
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