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1. Special Reports under Section 77A of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 (the ICAC Act).

The Inspector may, at any time, make a special report to the Presiding Officer of each House of Parliament on:

  1. any matters affecting the Commission, including, for example its operational effectiveness or needs, and
  2. any administrative or general policy matter relating to the functions of the Inspector.  

2. Audit Reports under section 57B(1)(a) of the ICAC Act.

3.  Annual Reports under Section 77B of the ICAC Act.

The Inspector is required to prepare, within 4 months after 30 June each year, a report of the Inspector’s operations during the year ending 30 June and furnish the report to the Presiding Officer of each House of Parliament.

4. Reports by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Inspector of the ICAC.

Reports by the Committee on the ICAC can be found on the Committees website

5. Other Reports

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